Top 3 Legal Risks for Churches

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Know the Legal Risks to Protect Your Church Each year churches waste finances and countless hours outside their mission due to lawsuits that are avoidable with proper risk management. In this short video, The Church Lawyers discuss the top 3 legal risks churches face. Learn how to stay focused on your ministry by keeping your...

Practical Advice for Keeping Your Church Safe

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For most people, the church has always been a symbol of peace; a safe place for people to gather and worship. That has drastically changed over the last few years. Hearing the stories of violence that destroy the lives of innocent people is heartbreaking. These stories sometimes come up when I work with different pastors,...

The Tale of Two Churches Becoming Better Together

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Southbridge Fellowship has been a growing church in search of a permanent facility for eleven years. Covenant Church has been a declining church for ten years and was considering selling the current location to relocate to a smaller and less expensive facility. When Southbridge inquired about the possibility of purchasing the Covenant Church campus on...

The Church Health Trends I Can’t Stop Thinking About

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I recently pulled the data for the Q3 2018 edition of The Unstuck Church Report. There are always a few pieces of data that really stick out to me. This quarter, this is what I couldn’t stop thinking about:

36 Free Tools for the Small Church

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Chances are you don’t have a team full of specialists — video editors, graphic designers, or copywriters. In any given day, you alone may need to create a social media graphic, put together a video for Sunday announcements, or write a blog post casting vision for a new ministry.

Tax Reform Provision Surprises Churches and Nonprofits with Tax on Parking and Other Benefits

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As the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passes the 6-month mark, controversy has arisen over a largely hidden requirement on churches and nonprofits to begin paying a 21% tax on employee benefits including parking, transportation, and other related benefits. The provision will cause nonprofit organizations (including churches) to file federal income tax returns and pay...